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Vicki Wusche

Vicki Wusche started investing in property 2008 and was named The Telegraph’s top UK’s 25 most influential people in property. She is an international speaker, author of 5 books including finalist in the Business Book Awards March 2020. An international podcast guest, Vicki will surprise you with her take on property, finance and the next decade.

While focused on provoking empowering new thoughts about our financial futures and legacies, Vicki is still passionate about all thing’s property related. 

She firmly believes that we are trained to think we will die young, but we won’t, the doctors will see to that, so she helps audiences to identify and leverage their personal resources in order to create powerful legacies through their own form of a Non-Traditional Wealthy Retirement. 

Spare time and travel restrictions not withstanding you would see her as a Scuba-diving Nonna, Property Mermaid, and Excel-junkie. Vicki loves life and is grateful for every minute.

Vicki Wusche

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