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The Basics of Email Marketing: Part 2 – campaign

  • Erin 

Now that you understand the basics of email marketing, it’s time to craft the ideal email marketing campaign for your subscriber lists. Let’s dive into what you must include in each email and how you can make email work for your business. 

11 Must Haves for Successful Email Campaigns:

  1. Keep it short and sweet.
  2. Don’t forget to include an Opt-Out button as well as an Unsubscribe page.
  3. Include links to your web pages and landing pages.
  4. Send subscribers to your website – you have their eyes, capitalize on that!
  5. Try using video to switch things up.
  6. Create a survey — try using Survey Monkey.
  7. Run a contest with a prize – because who doesn’t like a chance to win something?
  8. Try multiple CTA’s – Call To Action. 
  9. Test days and times to blast your email — this is important!
  10.  A/B test alternate subject lines.
  11.  Remember that personalization increases engagement!

Of course, there are many more tips for email marketing, but these are a great starting point.

So now let’s talk about email personalization. If personalized email content increases engagement, this must be an important step. But how can you personalize your emails in the best ways?

A few ways to successfully engage your audience through personalization of your email marketing campaign:

  • Use subscriber names in the email subject line and body. Have you gotten an email with your name in the subject line? It always peaks my interest.
  • Use the subscriber’s company name in the email body.
  • Include content that’s relevant to the subscriber’s interests. This can be done with segmented lists and by understanding your target audience
  • Include suggestions for products based on the subscriber’s past purchases. Again, understanding and connecting with your target audience and identifying behaviors is key here. 

Interesting Email Marketing Themes

Subject lines matter. 35% of email subscribers open an email based solely on the subject line, so make yours interesting!

  1. Solutions to pain points. For example, GrubHub talks about letting someone else do the cooking. This hits on a common thought that many people have weekly or even daily. 
  2. Curiosity prompts action. Give people “truths” – make sure you’re giving interesting and pertinent information.
  3. FOMO – the fear of missing out. Using words like “by invitation only” or “exclusive rewards inside” can create that FOMO dynamic.
  4. Funny works every time! Check out some of Dollar Shave Club’s emails. They make you laugh, so you want to engage.
  5. Emojis help you standout. Think about using industry-specific emojis to use in your subject line. Check out Convince and Convert for more information on how emojis can help your open rate.

The bottom line is, email marketing is not dead! We frequently and successfully use email in our campaigns and for clients as well. It’s always been part of our strategy and when done right, email marketing will help you lower your cost per acquisition and encourage customers to come back.

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