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Sylvana Caloni & Paul O’Donnell

Sylvana Caloni is a leadership coach who works with clients internationally. In her early career in global financial markets she was a bond dealer, equity analyst and fund manager.  She blends the insights from the fast-paced financial services world and the latest training on learning and development to enable entrepreneurs, executives and self-starting individuals to become more self-aware, more effective and more successful.

Following a career leading large and complex financial services businesses in Australia, Asia, the UK and US, Paul O’Donnell mainly points people in the right direction and gives support along the way. He works with startups and established businesses on their sales strategy and implementation, to help them expand their businesses, locally and across borders, and to push forward in terms of expansion of products, territories, or innovations. He does this as an advisor and mentor, or non-executive director. For example, He is on the advisory board of the Fine Art Bourse. He advises on technical and financial business decisions and processes and I also make relevant and useful introductions and build connections across global jurisdictions on behalf of his clients.

Sylvana Caloni
Sylvana Caloni
Paul O'Donnell
Paul O’Donnell

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Edna Kissman, Social Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO at The Wonder of Me

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