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Stephen Bates

I had just started my first business as a Physiotherapist a little over 27 years ago, and I noticed something strange.

40% of my clients didn’t take my advice. They didn’t do the simple things I advised them to do which would make their pain go away.

They couldn’t work, they couldn’t pick their kids up, they couldn’t even sleep at night because of the pain they were in.

Although 60% did take my advice and got better, the other 40% didn’t and this really puzzled me. My training hadn’t prepared me for this.

I became fascinated with why people wouldn’t help themselves get better. Then the next question became the focus of the last 25 years of my life.

If so many people sabotaged themselves when they are in acute physical pain; when and where else did they do it?

The answer is everywhere; work, business, money, health, relationships – people sabotage, block and get in their own way in all areas of life. I soon came to discover that 40% of Entrepreneurs also block and sabotage themselves too.

They stay stuck at the same disappointing level for far too long.  It causes them to waste a lot of time and money by working on or fixing the wrong thing.

Stephen Bates

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