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Going Beyond the Traditional to Stand Out

Today on the podcast we talk with Amazon industry expert Shaahin Cheyene about how to build new revenue streams and why going beyond the traditional is the only way to stand out.

Shaahin Cheyene is the creator of Herbal Ecstacy, the nootropic pill that  sparked the—%100 legal— smart drug movement. Shaahin made millions, but  what made it special was that he was only 15 years old at the time! 

Shaahin was also an early innovator in the vaping world, inventing the industry  first Vapir Vaporizer—as well as hundreds of other multi-million dollar products.  Since then, Shaahin has further established himself as an award-winning  entrepreneur, Amazon expert, inventor, author and filmmaker.  

His career as a serial entrepreneur spans more than 30 years and a billion  dollars in revenue. Shaahin’s family of products on consistently  outpace sales of household brands on the platform, making him a sought after  expert and consultant for Fortune 500 companies.  

Never one to forget his roots, Shaahin continues to champion and mentor  burgeoning entrepreneurs looking to enhance their revenue streams and  disrupt the market.  

Shaahin and his family live in Venice Beach, California.

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