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How to Build a Successful Business with Your Spouse – and Enjoy it Together

Today on the podcast we talk with Ron Black, President and CEO of Ce-Classes, about how he and his wife successfully built their small business together and the importance of business owners committing to being lifelong learners.

Ron earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Hawaii and his graduate degree from Florida International University where he received the Excellence in the Field Award in 1989. He holds an active license in the state of Florida and has been board certified as a clinical supervisor for social work, mental health and marriage and family therapy. He has over 24 years of clinical experience in the field. In addition, he has over 12 years of administrative experience and has developed supervision and training programs for graduate students and interns from a wide array of disciplines, including social work, counseling and nursing. He has served as an adjunct professor and as a clinical instructor for numerous local universities. He has practical experience in agency administration, JACHO and CARF accreditation, training and development, substance abuse and intensive couples counseling.

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Learn more about the work Ce-Classes is doing in the world of online continuing education by visiting their website here!

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