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Why Video Marketing is Important For Your Business

Today on the podcast we talk with video producer Rob Jager of Plum Productions Media about why you should be using the power of video to build your business and how to make your company stand out among your competitors. 

Rob Jager has over 17 years of successful experience in retail and restaurant operations management, profit and loss accountability, logistics, planning, driving top line sales growth, increasing the bottom line, reducing shrink, ensuring consistency in operations and maximizing profitability.

His experience runs the gamut, from small start-ups to mid-size companies to large, nationally recognized corporations. His track record includes managing some of the largest big box retailers in the industry to launching a successful quick-serve restaurant chain in South Florida. He brings this experience to Plum Productions. 

Rob Jager

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Along with his work with Plum Productions, you can catch Rob on his show, The Slow Pitch Podcast, to learn more business tips!

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