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How to Become an IntrapreneurAn Entrepreneur Inside an Organization

A third-generation entrepreneur, RJ has made it his life’s mission to help others succeed. I have founded companies in a wide array of industries including hospitality, apparel, finance, and automotive. With his extensive experience in business, he has structured a formula for entrepreneurial success that has been shared and documented in a book, ABLE LEADERSHIP. Currently, RJ is writing a book that uncovers the secret to growing your company by deploying the ABLE Leadership operating system. He is a well-respected speaker, educator and author. He delivers relatable experiences which enable businesses to flourish, think big and reveal purposeful living.

His flagship offering is ABLE LEADERSHIP, a blend of coaching, consulting, and peer support that helps business owners get unstuck, make solid business decisions, and step up to their greatness. RJ is a sought-after speaker and thought leader. He has spoken at the Equipment and Lease Finance Associations Conference, the Presidio Technology Annual Conference, the 1 800 Water Damage annual conference, and the ELFA Funding Conference. RJ has been featured in Equipment FA, Pillars of Franchise, The ABL Advisor, The Managers Blueprint podcast, You Need More Money Podcast, The Entry Point in Michigan Podcast, The Ultimate Hire Podcast, Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork Podcast, and more.

RJ Grimshaw

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Visit RJ’s website to learn more about the ABLE operating system:

Fix and grow your business with our proprietary (ABLE) operating system. The playbook that ANALYZES then provides a BLUEPRINT to LEVERAGE and EXECUTE.

This is the same operating system used by 100+ companies.

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