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Peter Strohkorb

During 20+ years in sales and marketing leadership roles in SMEs and in multinational corporations like Canon, 3M and CSC,  Peter has found that the usual inward-looking and product-focused selling approaches were increasingly failing to achieve the desired results. 

It turned out that for a long time buyers have hated being treated by sellers like a sales opportunity. What they have wanted instead is to be educated, advised and guided to enable them to make informed buying decisions.  

That’s why since 2011 Peter Strohkorb Advisory has advised Business and Sales Leaders on three continents to adjust to this modern buyer demand. 

His clients have modernized their sales approach and accelerated their revenue results. They now have a modern, Buyer-Focused Sales Funnel. And they’ve switched their focus from what they’re selling, to helping their buyers to buy from them!

Peter Strohkorb

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