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Patrick Frank and George Kramb

PatientPartner co-founder and CEO, George Kramb, spent years in the operating room alongside doctors ensuring medical devices were utilized properly. He supported hundreds of operations; but it wasn’t until he spoke to a few patients before their procedure that he realized how anxious and fearful they were going into it.

George saw a need for greater support, education and compassion for patients who were going through a stressful medical experience. He saw an opportunity to connect patients with one another through a community of empathy and support. Thus, PatientPartner was born.

Today, our community includes over 100 PatientPartner Mentors who have gone through a medical procedure and are ready to share their experience to help others. We’ve also built a network of over 50 doctors who see the value in connecting relatable patients and are committed to improving their patients’ experience.

Patrick Frank George Kramb

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Join George and Patrick’s network of patients to get the support and education you need before undergoing a stressful medical procedure. Visit their website here to learn more!

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