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Meet Dan Grech! A Digital Marketing Educator

Digital Marketing Training Course From BizHack

On today’s Episode I have the opportunity to speak to BizHack’s founder, Dan Grech. Dan has been the head of marketing at two startups and a billion-dollar corporation. Dan is an expert storyteller who worked as a business correspondent at NPR’s Marketplace and PBS’s Nightly Business Report. He has trained hundreds of business owners in online lead generation and advanced digital marketing best practices to help them compete in an increasingly digital world.

I’ve been working with Dan this past year on BizHack’s Digital Marketer’s Edge course and I’m thrilled that Dan chose me to be the lead instructor for the upcoming Digital Marketer’s Edge course. I’ve trained Marketers and Entrepreneurs for over 5 years and have realized that I learn from teaching. This has helped me become a better Digital Marketer for my clients at Prediq.The Digital Marketer’s Edge is a 12-week program for business owners to find their edge in the digital world. Apply here! Connect with Dan Grech on LinkedIn

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About the Course:

This is a fast-paced, high-impact 5-week course to get bottom-line results for your business and accelerate your career. It is designed especially for growth-minded, ambitious business owners and professionals in marketing, sales, and public relations.

What You Get with this digital marketing course:

  • Video Library with Lessons + Step by Step Demos (30+ hours)
  • Workbooks on How to Launch Your Campaign
  • Live Instruction & Participation (20 hours)
  • 1 on 1 Coaching from Digital Marketing experts
  • Curated Additional Resources, Handouts and Presentations
  • Group Coaching with Instructors and Peer Business Owners
  • Test versions of ads to maximize profits
  • Create email nurture campaigns to convert prospects into customers
  • Use advanced audience targeting in Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Use retargeting to re engage prospects
  • Map customer journeys to drive sales and maximize customers lifetime value
  • Leverage data and storytelling to boost campaign performance and much more

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