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How to Turn Bullying into an Opportunity

Today on the podcast we talk with motivational speaker Madonna Hanna about why she’s glad she was bullied in school, how to set goals at every stage of life, and why it’s important to drop kick the drama to live your best life.

“I was the only African-American student in my elementary school class and including me there were only 8 African Americans in my graduating  high school class.

Despite my creativity and talent, I faced bullying, racial prejudice, and isolation at school due to the color of her skin.

My retail education prepared me to be recruited into a prestigious retail management/ executive training program in one of the largest department stores in New England.I also worked at the corporate headquarters of a national women’s apparel manufacturing corporation.

Later embarking on a 32 year career teaching Fashion Marketing in Washington State. I developed numerous anti-bullying programs, and was recognized for excellence in teaching at the state and national level!

As a retiree and widow, I continue to win awards as a senior athlete in track and field. Presently, I am writing a monthly column in a local paper chronicling my journey to the National Senior Games. I am also a motivational speaker committed to preventing bullying in schools and promoting an active second act.

Also a member of Toastmasters International where I participate in international speech contests.

My goal Is to utilize my skills, talents and experiences to assist others with achieving their goals and dreams; while building their self-esteem.” – Madonna Hanna

madonna hanna

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