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Turning an Award Winning Podcast Into a Global Digital Brand

Today on the podcast we talk with podcast producer and EdTech entrepreneur Lindsay McMahon about how she created a podcast with more than 10 million monthly downloads, why she believes you can build a business around your podcast and what role being a female plays in her entrepreneurial journey.

Lindsay McMahon is the co-host of All Ears English. Her podcast is downloaded 8 million times per month globally and been ranked in Best of Apple Podcasts categories in 2018 and 2019 and as well as #1 in US Education Language Courses. Lindsay and her podcast have been featured in Podcast Magazine, Language Magazine, and Forbes.

lindsay mcmahon

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Listeners of this episode can reach out to Lindsay on LinkedIn for informal mentoring for new podcasters.

Also make sure to check out her podcast, All Ears English!

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