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Women in Tech: How Companies Can Better Build an Inclusive Company Culture

Today on the podcast we talk with mentor Limor Bergman Gross about her role supporting women in tech, how companies can implement an inclusive culture and why it’s always possible to break through the glass ceiling. 

“I have been a mentor for women in tech for over five years and a former director of engineering.

For over 20 years, I worked in tech as an engineer, manager, and director of engineering.

I was always passionate about supporting women in tech. I know firsthand what it is like being a woman in a male-dominant field and all the challenges women face in the tech industry.

Two years ago, upon my return to Israel after nine years in the US, I decided to follow my calling and support women’s career growth.

Women I work with tell me that working with me enabled them to continuously tear down “ceilings” by challenging them to think bigger.

They also say that I opened their eyes to an entirely new way of contributing to their careers.

Women I work with can achieve the goals and more in 1/3 of the time they thought it would take them.” – Limor Bergman Gross

Limor Bergman Gross

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“Navigating your career can be challenging. I know that firsthand as I have been working in tech for over 20 years. I am used to being the only woman in the room and breaking through my glass ceiling.

If you feel that you need support, advice, or guidance in your career, you have come to the right place.

Schedule time with me, and we will work together on whatever is holding you back from breaking through and fulfilling your destiny.” – Limor Bergman Gross

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