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Jennifer Helene Popken

Jennifer Helene, M.S. is an international entrepreneur for over two decades. Her expertise is in nutrition and behavioral change. She builds teams and creates methodologies that conceive innovation before circumstances demand it. 

She leads end-to-end marketing programs by developing and evolving a variety of lifestyle brands; through strategy and directs content/design across all marketing touch points (video, email, social, blog, advertising, community, website, events, etc.)

Jennifer Helene leads several online educational programs by developing innovative content strategies for Learning Management Systems (LMS). She directs design, schedules, budgets, and sales staff to scale systems globally.

She also represents a variety of programs as the presenter and evangelist.

Jennifer Helene Popken develops training methodologies for a myriad of lifestyle medicine protocols. She conducts profitable, immersive coach training, marketing, and mentoring programs.

Jennifer Helene Popken

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