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Introducing the Dadpreneur podcast

Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship Podcast

We’re thrilled to introduce our own Alex Oliveira’s passion project, the Dadpreneur Podcast! As founder of Prediq, a Digital Marketing agency that has generated over 22 million leads for brands like Ford, Home Depot & Allstate, Alex has continuously searched for ways to share his knowledge in order to help other businesses grow. This podcast has been a work in progress over the past 6 months, and has proven to be an exciting vehicle to help businesses learn how to create sustainable lead gen strategies.

With the growth of the internet and smartphones, all the information you could ever need is right at your fingertips. So, how are businesses effectively using Digital Marketing to capitalize on those opportunities? The truth is you’re competing with billion dollar brands and tech companies like Google and Amazon, who want to take over every industry. As a business you have to ask yourself: How much time & money should you invest in Digital Marketing? What’s new and what’s working? These are all questions Alex will tackle on the Dadpreneur Podcast. Aside from sharing his own proven Online & Lead Generation strategies that will help your business grow, Alex will also host exciting guests whose stories and expertise will help you make your business stronger. 

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. Alex is a dad, homeschooling 4 kids with his wife while running several businesses — so if you’re a business owner,  Marketer or just curious about entrepreneurship, listen to the Dadpreneur Podcast to help build a sustainable business. The Dadpreneur Podcast will bring you a new episode every Monday and Friday on Apple & Spotify. You can also listen here on our website and on all major Podcasts networks.

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