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Turning Your Accounting Insights into Actionable Steps to Grow Your Small Business

Today on the podcast we talk with The Neat Company’s President and CEO Garrett Baird about how they’re transforming mundane accounting into actionable insights to help small business owners focus on growing their businesses.

Garrett Baird is President and CEO of The Neat Company (Neat). He joined the company in 2020 to lead its entrance into the digital accounting space, helping small business owners spend more time growing their businesses while transforming mundane bookkeeping into actionable insights.

Prior to Neat, Garrett was Founder & CEO of Walletron, the mobile wallet platform company managing enterprise clients’ presence in the mobile wallets like Apple Wallet and Google Pay. Walletron was the first platform of its kind to deliver bills via the mobile wallet, and Garrett was granted two US patents for mobile wallet bill presentment in 2017 and 2019. The business was acquired by Western Union and subsequently by ACI Worldwide in 2019.

Before joining Walletron, Garrett led channel sales and product management for Collections Marketing Center (CMC) and held roles in sales, product management and web development for venture-backed startup firms including Lumeta (spun off from Bell Labs), Incurrent Solutions (now part of ACI Worldwide) and

Garrett holds a B.S. degree from Cornell University.

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Learn more about The Neat Company’s financial tools for small business by visiting their website here!

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