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How Men Can Win in the Most Important Areas of Life

Today on the podcast we talk with speaker, author, professor, and certified “man builder” Dr. Joe Martin about the definition of a “real man,” how he equips men with the confidence to succeed and why accountability matters.

Dr. Joe Martin is an award-winning internationally-known speaker, author, professor, and certified “man builder” who helps men win at what matters and frustrates them most as husbands, fathers, and spiritual leaders.

He’s authored or co-authored more than nine books, including Man Accomplished!, Are You the Man?, and The Real Man Spiritual Leader Blueprint.  He’s also the host of the #1-rated podcast for Christian Men on Apple Podcasts (with more than 1.9 million downloads), and he’s interviewed more than 475 men from all over the world from company presidents to prison inmates.

Dr. Joe Martin

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Check out a FREE on-demand training video for men from Dr. Joe Martin called “The 5 Critical Things Every Man Needs to Become the Hero of His Home and the Husband, Father, and Leader His Wife Deserves.”  

In addition, explore the FREE “Real Man Victory Tracker,” which is an accountability tool to help them achieve work/life balance while maintaining a healthy life and building healthy relationships.

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