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Find Out How Living Without Labels Can Help You Succeed

Today on the podcast we talk with entrepreneur and Label Free Podcast host Deanna Kuempel about surviving human trafficking, why we can and should live without labels and how it’s possible to achieve big goals while navigating adversity.

Deanna is a human trafficking survivor, a widow, a former C-Level executive, fashion designer, bodybuilder, skincare expert, currently Ms. Chicago America Nation 2021, and now a podcast host.

She has years of entrepreneurship experience, including running 5 businesses at the same time, closing $20 million contracts, founding a fashion label and now hosting the Label Free Podcast and brand. She has lived a very big life with lots and lots of experience.

Deanna Kuempel
Dadpreneur Podcast Guest

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Check out Deanna’s show, the Label Free Podcast, and learn how to live your life free of labels by visiting her website here!

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