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The Art of the Podcast

Today on the podcast we talk with international speaker, PhD and podcaster Colin Gray about the art of podcasting, what makes a podcast successful and how he’s helping other podcasters reach their target audiences.

Colin is a podcaster, international speaker, PhD and founder of The Podcast Host and Alitu, a podcast maker app. Colin started out in Astrophysics, before realizing, to his dismay, how much maths were involved. A zig-zag route through education, marketing and the web brought him to Podcasting, which has less maths, but just as many puzzles and fun ones at that. 

He started in 2011 as a resource to help people create successful podcasts. It’s now one of the biggest and oldest Podcasting learning resources on the web. 

Colin went on to found in 2018, a web app that helps podcasters effortlessly create their shows. Alitu takes care of the tech, and makes podcasting accessible to anyone. It offers a custom set of tools for recording, building and editing epic podcasts easily. 

colin gray

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