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How to Be a Digital Nomad in Today’s World

Today on the podcast we talk with entrepreneur and business coach Charles Cormier about how to navigate the sales process with successful lead gen strategies and what it takes to be a digital nomad in today’s world.

Charles Cormier is a serial entrepreneur who started his first agency at age 19. He is passionate about running as he has finished 3 marathons (Belgrade, Puebla, Funchal) and 2 Ironman races (Cabos, Cozumel). He has also appeared on the BBC show, Dragon’s Den. He is a Passionate husband and currently runs 3 different businesses, TopLeads, Velox, and Charles Cormier Coaching while traveling the world.

As most successful startups, TopLeads started out as a self-serving venture. Charles was building various B2B startups and was disappointed in the ROI of marketing platforms. Having a sales background, Charles looked at more traditional methods like calling, emailing, and LinkedIn Outreach. He saw that the sales industry hadn’t modernized in a while and decided to start offering “SDRing as a Service” to other ambitious startups looking for growth.

charles cormier

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