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Lead Generation

What is a Marketing Funnel?

  • Erin 

A marketing funnel describes your customer’s journey and the different touch points they have with your company through the different stages of their buying process, from learning about your company to whether they become a buyer or not. Your company’s marketing funnel is important —… Read More »What is a Marketing Funnel?

13 Lead Generation Tips

Create a compelling offer Be clear on your campaign objectives Understand your cost per acquisition Define your target audience and geographic market Make sure tracking is in place Create a scoring mechanism & criteria for prospects Understand your Customer’s Journey Design a dedicated Landing Page… Read More »13 Lead Generation Tips

How to Nurture Leads

  • Erin 

Converting your leads into sales is a complex process that businesses should be intimately familiar with. Without identifying who your target audience is, what makes a prospect an ideal customer, and which steps to follow to turn those leads into sales, a business cannot get… Read More »How to Nurture Leads

Intro to Keyword Research

  • Erin 

In marketing your business, performing keyword research is a crucial step. The goal here is not to make you a Keyword Research expert, but rather help you understand the role keywords play in your online performance. This includes the keywords you use on your website,… Read More »Intro to Keyword Research

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