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Dad + Entrepreneur + Author + Podcaster | My purpose is to help people succeed in this world.

Brazilian-born and South Florida-raised, I have been chasing dreams since I was a kid. At 11-years-old I was determined to make my own money to buy a new bike, so I got my first job working as a busboy — and so began my hunger for success and growth.

That drive and ambition have stayed with me through adulthood as I founded several successful businesses and worked to create a name for myself as a well-respected marketing technologist and entrepreneur. From small to mid-sized companies to non-profits and Fortune 500 brands like Ford and Allstate, I have helped a diverse portfolio of clientele grow their businesses.

Areas of Expertise

  • Lead Generation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Strategy
  • Website Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Podcasting
  • Real Estate
  • Investing in Startups
  • Technology

On the personal side, my passions include adventuring with my wife and 4 kids in our RV trailer. We love being together out in nature and getting to know all the beautiful places around the US.

Alex Oliveira

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Golden Path to Lead Generation Success For Your Business

Growing a business requires leadership, hard work, a dedicated team, product market fit, and leads and sales. You can build the best product, but if you can’t consistently generate leads for your sales team or traffic to your product web pages, then you’ll end up like the 75% of businesses that fail after 15 years (this according to the SBA).

With marketing, there are elements of:

  • Science
  • Art
  • Luck

These three factors are always at play. You can’t always guarantee, and you can’t trust that‘the campaign you ran yesterday will work equally as well today.’ But you can educate yourself and adopt a mindset that will guarantee better results.

You have to keep working the challenge, you have to keep building, and you have to keep “getting out there,” thereby stacking the odds and the luck in your favor. That’s our goal with this course, to give you the tools and strategies that have worked for us to generate more than 24 million leads. The truth is, there were thousands of campaigns that did not perform as well as we planned. Why is that? Simply put, the algorithm across all the platforms are constantly changing. Not to mention that consumer behavior changes as newer faster smart devices come on the market. That’s why it’s imperative to have the tools and strategies to pivot when necessary and continue to adapt and optimize your performance.

The bottom line: you need leads! The success of your business depends on creating a plan that can be sustained in the long term. What we know for sure is that the internet and consumer behavior will continue to evolve. In this course, we’ll help you discover a system you can depend on, tactics to use across the highest performing channels, and help you align your goals with that of your customers and prospects.

In section one, the objective is to learn a system of generating leads that can be sustainable.

What is The Lead Gen 360 System?

  1. Brand: Establishing an Image of Your Company in Your Customers’ Eyes
  2. Audience: Finding Your Target Audience Has Never Been Easier Online
  3. Purpose: Setting Your Goals for Your Online Lead Generation Campaigns
  4. Planning: Creating the Team, Budget and Time for Your Campaigns
  5. Campaign: Time to Get Creative…And Have Some Fun
  6. Measure: Analyzing Data is the Secret to Your Success
  7. Optimize: Determine What’s Working and What’s Not – and Why Testing is Important

In section two of our course, you’ll learn how to navigate the digital ecosystem. The objective is to explore the best digital marketing channels that will generate quality leads for a business.

What’s covered in this section:

  1. Customer: Customize Every Stage of Your Customer’s Journey With Your Business
  2. Landing Page: Design a Landing Page to Capture Leads and Convert Them to Sales
  3. Content: Create a Strategy With Consistent and Creative Messaging
  4. Email: Connect With Your Audience Through the Power of Email Marketing
  5. SEM/SEO: Generate Traffic and Visibility From Both Organic and Paid Search
  6. Social Media: Using Social Media to Successfully Reach YOUR Audience
  7. Affiliate: Creating a Referral Network for Your Website and Business on the Web

In the third section, you’ll learn ways to put your Lead Generation strategies to work. From lead nurturing to compliance, and from the ways to hire talent to using a campaign checklist to score your campaign, this section will help you ensure success.

We’ve also added a bonus lesson on the topic of Business Development. One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard from businesses over the years is that they lack the resources to convert leads into sales. This is typically an issue with your Business Development or Sales process.

If You Build It, Will They Come?: The Golden Path to Lead Generation Success For Your Business

Alex’s book covers how to do your digital marketing, lead generation, and internet sales from start to finish. This is a soup to nuts explanation that encompasses it all.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Website optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Lead generation and nurturing
  • How to convert leads into sales
  • paid, free, and organic strategies

Do you own and operate a small, medium, or large business?

My intention when writing this book was to help business owners, marketers and solopreneurs get the confidence to build a golden path to online lead generation success for their businesses.

Marketing is 3 parts, one part Science (which anyone can learn), one part Art (which develops as you grow in complexity and elegance in your profession & which some people have naturally), and one part Luck. And Luck can be the determining factor.

As of this writing, we are passing through the Covid-19 pandemic. While there are more digital channels to market and sell your products and services, it’s become really challenging for businesses to attract customers in this noisy ecosystem.

After spending 10 years building Lead Generation campaigns that have generated more than 23 million leads companies small and large, including Fortune 500 brands such as Ford, Allstate, Autonation and others, I felt the time was right to share my secrets. There’s nothing I love more than seeing businesses succeed.

This book covers how to do your digital marketing, lead generation, and internet sales from start to finish. This is a soup to nuts explanation that encompasses it all. We explore brand optimization, website optimization, and paid, free, and organic strategies that will help you build a source of sustainable income.

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