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About Me

Welcome! I’m Alex. I’m a dad, husband and an entrepreneur. I am a passionate guy — I love business and I really love helping business owners turn their passions into profits. As a hands-on leader of multiple successful companies, I’ve spent the last 10+ years helping clients advance their businesses and brands through dynamic interactive marketing campaigns.
I always welcome a challenge and am relentless in the pursuit of innovative marketing strategies that actually work.

I come from a family in Brazil that was constantly moving in search of a bigger better life, from their humble beginnings in NE Brazil to the big city of Sao Paulo my family would begin a journey that would eventually bring us to the US in 1988. My mom had 12 brothers and sisters and my dad 9. Most in my family believed owning their own business was the best path to success, some succeeded, but others struggled to develop businesses that could survive in both good times and bad. As a child I saw many of my family’s businesses go under. It wasn’t for a lack of hard work or passion. In my early 20’s I decided I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

As you might imagine I made some of the same mistakes in the first few years. Despite having built a business generating over a $1 million in it’s 2nd year I would later see it crash and burn during the 2008 financial crisis. I would spend the next couple of years bouncing back from my big defeat. I was very aware of where I went wrong and what needed to be done to get back on top. Since then my wife, Erin, and I had 5 kids and built several successful businesses. I’ve been lucky to work with major brands like Ford, Home Depot & Allstate. Over the past 10 years my business has worked with over 3,000 SMB’s, hundreds of nonprofit organizations and many universities.

I’ve spoken at more than 200 conferences and workshops helping Small Businesses and nonprofits understand how to create an effective Digital Marketing strategy. I have dedicated my career to build a resilient business and to help other entrepreneurs do the same. My name is Alex Oliveira, I’m dedicated to using digital marketing & technology to build sustainable businesses. Enjoy the Podcast!

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