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A Chef for 20 years turned entrepreneur

On This epiosde Alex oliveira interviewed ian bower.

Ian Bower was a chef for 20 years until he decided to jump into his career as an entrepreneur fully. In 2018 he started his company Graphic Rhythm to help digital marketers and small businesses with their visual identity and everyday graphic design challenges. But he doesn’t stop there; he and his team offer an in-depth done for you service where they look at listening optimization and brand optimization on Amazon marketplace. Alex Oliveira and Ian Bower sit down to discuss the ups and downs of going from a full-time chef to being a full-time entrepreneur.

How much creative freedom they have vs. what the client wants exactly (6:07)?

Ian and his team use a strategy called Brand attributes, where the goal is to take the stress off the client to give good direction and ideas. The way it works is they ask questions about the brand, their culture, tone of voice, customers, what they expect, and how they’ve impacted them. So they then synthesize these ideas and tell the client what they think is best.

How have you brought your chef experience into the design world (13:30)?

Ian says it’s all from the process standpoint because a restaurant makes the same meals every day, while in the design world, each meal will be different. You have to balance between being annoying and asking for a lot or not asking for enough information and the creative design being rejected.

What has been the most challenging part about owning your own buisness (28:53)?

One of the most challenging parts for Ian has been hiring people to do exactly what he does. He says that infusing people with your values, work ethic, and how you do things is tough.

What has been the most rewarding thing about being a business owner (30:04)?

Ian says that he has a strong objection to authority, so not having to answer to anybody is the most rewarding part.

Going from the chief world to the design world, Ian Bower has tips and tricks to help small businesses solve their graphic design challenges. If you want to hear Ian Bower go more in-depth with these questions, be sure to check out the full podcast on Spotify or check out The Dadpreneur website for more. Make sure you leave a comment below on what your favorite tip Ian Bower gave was!

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