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7 Tips for Your Email Marketing

Did you know 77% of Email Marketing ROI comes from segmented campaigns. Are you segmenting your Email Subscriber lists? If not, you should be. For one thing segmentation will reduce your unsubscribe rate. Here are 7 useful ways you can segment your email lists:

1. Location- You can use data such as zip codes to filter your list by subscribers’ locations.

2. Links Clicked- When you analyze the opened email, pay attention to what pages your users are clicking through, then create an automated sequence to follow up on what they’re interested in.

3. Sign-up date- Used to offer new opportunities to engage recent customers, or to reward your oldest subscribers with special discount or offer.

4. Product/Service- Make sure you’re offering or upselling based on the customers’ needs.

5. Email activity- It’s also possible to segment your list based on customers that already have a high CTR or open rate. I call these my “super users.”

6. Interests- During sign-up ask subscribers to decide which types of emails they’d like to receive.

7. Triggered- Take time to set up workflows that make sense to each target audience.

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