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6 Tips To Help Your Business Succeed On Instagram With Cristy Stewart-Harfmann

Have you ever dreamed of turning your passion or hobby into a blog? Even better, turn that blog into an income generating business. Meet Cristy Stewart-Harfmann! She’s the founder of Happy Family Blog.  Her mission is to help others find joy in their everyday life. To do this she shares simple celebrations you can create at home, easy recipes that will bring your family together and travel for the entire family. Listen to this Episode of the Dadpreneur Podcast to find a golden nugget or two that may just inspire you to build your own personal brand.

The reason why people are going to Instagram is they want to be entertained. Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app.

Here are the 4 key areas Instagram is focused on.

  • Creator
  • Video
  • Messaging
  • Shopping

General Tips For Social Media

  • Be authentic! Be Human!
  • Videos need to be under 1 min.
  • People buy from people they know, like and trust!
  • Show your why. Why did you get started?
  • Be consistent! Understand that it takes time.

How does Cristy succeed on Instagram? Cristy likes to do recipes using Reels. Her goal is to help people celebrate everyday. If you’re creating quality content Instagram will likely promote you by “Recommending” to new users. Cross promote across all your Social Networks and within Instagram.Tell your audience what you need from them.

What about data with Apple updates? Cristy says she uses a new baseline and KPI’s every time Instagram makes updates. Follow the insights! There are thousands of signals, from what’s performing best to who is commenting, and how quickly are they engaging, etc. You need to learn through your Insights. If the world has changed, you’ll need to change with them.

3 Types of Instagram Pages
Personal, Creator & Business account. Brands will not work with you as an Influencer if you do not have the Insights. Do not buy Followers! Even if you create quality content your account is not likely to grow.

If you don’t do Video, Carousel is an alternative. Secure all your Social Media handles or names.

Tips on Improving Your Instagram Performance

1. Use Carousel (3x’s more engagement)
2. Instagram Stickers on Stories (use question)
3. Use Hashtags, click on similar hashtags and engage with those accounts
4. Cross promote within Instagrams other features like Reels, Feed, Stories & IGTV
5. Analyze Your Instagram Insights 
6. Embrace Instagram’s New Features 

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